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Veteran User Experience Studies​

Enabling human-centered design for the Nation's heroes

(Our partners at VA said this one best…)


“At the VA, customer experience is critical; [VA design teams] use human-centered design to help VA solve its most important Veteran-facing problems. Veterans are a unique user population; as such, adopting an especially inclusive approach to human-centered design is essential.”


“To ensure we can consistently deliver this experience to all of our users, [the VA] has partnered with Perigean Technologies to help identify Veterans, servicemembers, caregivers, and dependents to participate in future Veteran user research sessions.”


“Perigean helps us by recruiting, screening, and preparing Veterans for sessions” — over 3,000 participants in over 500 user experience studies. “Perigean has done a phenomenal job of managing and coordinating many concurrent user research sessions. Perigean has exceeded expectations supporting this growth while continuing to provide excellent service.”

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