Case study

Insurgent Methods Training – Network Enhanced Training (IMT-NET)

Designing training scenarios with high cognitive fidelity

(We supported our friends from Cognitive Performance Group on this one.)


In counterinsurgency operations, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) have been responsible for more casualties than any other threat. Warfighters need training products that will enhance the cognitive skills of small ground units, in both today’s and tomorrow’s mission environment.


Our team designed and developed IMT-NET, a Virtual Battlespace 2 module consisting of tutorials, individual scenarios, and a collective free-play mission environment. We helped CPG conduct cognitive task analysis with novice-to-expert performers, analyze the critical elements of cognitive performance, and design the scenarios that drive high cognitive fidelity in IMT-NET.


Through IMT-NET, Warfighters improve their ability to recognize and disrupt insurgent activities.

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