The Plot Thinkens

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The Plot Thinkens is a decision practice experience that combines real-world experience, imagination, and quick thinking.

Turn mundane training sessions into engaging, transformational learning experiences that sharpen your team’s cognitive skills!


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Tap into the rich experience and tacit knowledge of your senior staff.

Skill building

Go beyond introductory training and hone the higher order thinking skills pros use.

Feel the heat

A fun, practical & efficient way to learn by facing difficult, realistic scenarios.

How it works:

  • Overview
    • One player takes on the ‘hot seat,’ making quick decisions and plans in the face of emergent scenarios – which other players design on-the-fly!
  • Setup
    • A mix of experienced and inexperienced professionals works best. Expert-level pros play the role of GameMaster. The Hot Seat and Scenario roles can be played by anyone!
    • Two card decks drive the action. The Information deck prompts players to dynamically generate realistic scenarios. The Questions deck helps the GameMaster ask probing questions to the Hot Seat player.
  • Phases
    • Progress through three engaging phases that reflect the problem situation, sensemaking, and decision & planning dilemmas any worker might face.
  • Key Elements
    • All players draw on their vivid experiences to contribute to the learning of others.
    • There is no right answer, but there will be lots of uncertainty.
    • No prep needed – just show up and jump in!

Emerging Scenario Details

Probing Questions

Based in principles of Naturalistic Decision Making,

and designed with emergency veterinarian trainers

Here’s what apprentice veterinarians had to say about playing The Plot Thinkens

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