Learn how we help organizations better understand, accommodate, and leverage cognitive needs and strengths—for both their clients and employees.

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Expertise Management

We elicit the mental models of expert decision-makers. These models, once captured, can be used for a variety of purposes, including: training systems, knowledge portals, decision games, and sensemaking.
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We know how to get inside the heads of experts, and we teach others to do the same. By learning the fundamentals of macrocognition, knowledge elicitation, and mental model formation, organizational leaders can make smarter use of expertise.
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Cognitive Systems Engineering

We design and evaluate systems to support cognitive workflows. Among our successes are interfaces for interacting with autonomous helicopters, decision support tools for intelligence analysts, and even the redesign of the White House Situation Room.
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Some of our research focus areas have been: using concept maps to aid learning and crisis planning; encouraging user-centered Clinical Decision Support technologies for healthcare workers; and studying how digital learning experiences can keep warfighters safe.
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User Experience Recruiting

We have developed an efficient and scalable approach to recruiting participants for UX studies. Our process can be targeted to any population and is currently deployed for two major UE programs under the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, for whom we recruit hundreds of participants each year.
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