Our team have been organizing communities of practice, enabling knowledge sharing, and supporting premier events for almost 20 years.

Beyond Multiple Choice

Established in 2018 through partnership with Assessment Tomorrow, Beyond Multiple Choice has quickly become a premier learning and networking event focused on the future of e-Assessment. The inaugural event drew nearly 100 delegates from six countries and diverse perspectives to discuss, demonstrate and evaluate next-generation directions in e-Assessment, learning and training. Planning is underway for BMC2019 — bookmark beyond-multiple-choice.com for registration and sponsorship details coming soon.

Naturalistic Decision Making

We have regularly contributed to the NDM bi-annual meetings, through talks, tributes, and planning support. For more details, see naturalisticdecisionmaking.org for details.

International Conferences on Concept Mapping

Since the first conference in 2004 at Pamplona, we have served on the Program Committee, sponsored, provide keynote talks, and presented original work at most of the CMCs. We are proud of our contributions to the story of growth and betterment the CMC has enabled. Follow cmc.ihmc.us for future announcements.

Applied Concept Mapping Symposium

To shine a spotlight in the expansion of concept mapping for business applications, we hosted the ACM Symposium in 2015 in Fredericksburg, VA. The event coalesced practitioners advancing applications in business, military and government, and adult learning. The highlight was a keynote talk from Dr. Joseph Novak, recounting his incredible career.

Friends of the Intelligence Community

The tragedy of 9/11 brought about a sharpened focus on the cognitive challenges inherent in intelligence analysis and a deepened interest in the potential for technology to offer increased efficiencies and enhanced capabilities. Partnering with colleagues from the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Intelligence Community, members of our team organized a series of birds of a feather meetings to encourage sharing lessons learned and best practices across nearly 200 practitioners.