How to Play

Set Up


A GameMaster is identified from the most experienced players. The GameMaster nominates an initial Hot Seat player. All other players are Scenario players.



Separate by color and shuffle the six decks into their phase piles. Insert one Hot Seat card randomly in each of the three Information decks, then place the three Information decks face down where all Scenario Players can reach them.


Place the Questions deck face down in front of the GameMaster, and keep the Gameflow, PreMortem, Pinned Issues, and Debrief cards close by.

Game Flow

The Scenario Player with the birthday closest from today sets up the scenario by reading aloud to the Hot Seat player the Initial Conditions card and filling in the blanks with realistic information.

The game proceeds through three play phases, followed by a WrapUp phase. 

In each play phase, all Scenario players select Information cards from the current Phase stack, and respond to the prompts in clockwise order, thereby building the scenario. Skips and passes are not permitted.

If a Scenario player draws a Hot Seat card, they must immediately swap with the Hot Seat player. The departing Hot Seat player must convey the situation as they currently understand it to the incoming Hot Seat player.*

The Hot Seat player may keep track of the emergent information on the Hot Seat Information Tracker pad. Once all Scenario players have contributed to the current Phase’s scenario, the GameMaster selects a Question card from the current Phase stack, and reads it to the Hot Seat player, allowing the Hot Seat Player no longer than 1 minute to announce their response.

*Should any player raise important issues that are related to but outside the scope of the situation, the GameMaster should note the issue on the Pinned Issues pad, and continue with the game.*

The phase ends after the Hot Seat player has responded to three Questions cards. The next Phase begins with Scenario players selecting from the next phase deck.

Following phase 3, the GameMaster hosts the WrapUp Phase by following the PreMortem big card, addresses any Pinned Issues, and facilitates a review of the game following the Debrief card.

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