Elicit It

Knowledge elicitation is the practice of drawing expertise out of people. Using a combination of trusted interviewing structures, targeted questions, and flexible representations, we can help experts articulate what they know and how they apply it. Our leadership in knowledge elicitation includes numerous publications in preeminent handbooks, our book, Applied Concept Mapping: Capturing, Analyzing, and Organizing Knowledge, and presentations to our communities of practice.

Organizations turn to our knowledge elicitation consulting and training services when they need to know more about how their experts work. Our products include extensive knowledge models that enable others to navigate expertise and associated artifacts, detailed narratives and decision representations that help others understand the challenges that come with the work, and assessments that are useful for showing where learners are along a learning pathway. Our training and coaching services help organizations develop their own capabilities for understanding and representing expertise.

Take a look at our Publications to get smarter about eliciting knowledge. Then Contact Us today to talk about how we can bring these methods to bear on your challenges with expertise.