About us

We conduct research about — and design, evaluate and build solutions for — smarter and more efficient cognitive work.

We are cognitive and social scientists, programmers, and consultants who understand expertise, the naturalistic perspective, meaningful learning, and user experience.

We’ve brought our expertise to bear in lots of domains — intelligence analysis, healthcare, consumer goods, autonomous systems, military operations, power utilities, to name a few.

Sometimes we lead, sometimes we support. We elicit and assess knowledge — and train others how to do the same. We design and build software — and support other development teams, too. We create learning experiences, expertise management programs, and even workplaces. No matter the application, our focus is always the same: humans at work facing cognitive challenges, who want to improve.

Have a look at our Solutions, Workshops, and Writings to dig deeper into our offerings and approaches. Then Contact Us to discuss how we can help you.