Our workshops provide the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience, and coach others to develop their own skills — with the goal of enabling organizations to make smarter use of their own expertise. We’ve given workshops to researchers, Instructional System Designers, even engineers — all of whom needed to more deeply appreciate cognitive performance.

The workshops are tailored to fit the needs of the organization. We host workshops at our offices in Fredericksburg, Virginia, or we can provide workshops onsite at your workspace. Workshop content and exercises target professional learners — indeed, similar content has been delivered to graduate school courses. Durations can vary, depending on your organization’s needs. We can introduce knowledge and build skills in a single day, or we can provide extensive examples from our work, in-the-moment coaching, and live demonstrations with your organization’s experts over the course of three to five days. Provided workshop materials also vary with the scope.

Knowledge Elicitation Workshop

Our KE Workshop introduces learners to the fundamentals of naturalistic decision making that underlie proficient cognitive work — you must know what you’re looking for before you go looking. From there, the workshop covers knowledge elicitation methods, best practices for implementing them and creating value-added artifacts from them. Methods are taught, then practiced so that we can provide on-the-spot coaching. A final component introduces a range of applications through which the organization can reintroduce elicited expertise.

Costs vary depending on the number of learners, location, and duration of workshop. Contact to discuss your needs.

Applied Concept Mapping Workshop

The Applied Concept Mapping offer a deep dive into business applications of concept mapping. Content covers the fundamentals of concept mapping — background and rationale, features of good maps, protocols of mapping. Under our tutelage, learners become proficient with mapping for many purposes, including knowledge capture and modeling, qualitative data analysis, and learning assessment. For organizations seeking to assess the knowledge of their workforce, we also introduce Sero!, the award-winning learning assessment platform we developed.

Costs vary depending on the number of learners, location, and duration of workshop. Sero! subscription separate. Contact to discuss your needs.