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Perigean Technologies is the recognized world leader in knowledge elicitation -- methods for articulating the expertise that drives proficiency and efficiency. We know where to look for it, how to quickly get at it, and how to wrap it back into the organization.

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From studying real-world jedis, to delivering knowledge capture programs, to designing human-centered software, we have delivered services for some of the world's most respected organizations --  across domains as diverse as healthcare, intelligence analysis, and Consumer Packaged Goods. And we've taught these organizations how to build their own capabilities to ensure that expertise remains at the forefront of future initiatives.

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We know how experts think, how they work, and how they excel. This insight enables us to quickly hone in on how experts operate in their domains and unique contexts. Eliciting expertise is the first step toward protecting it, crafting that keys that enable it, and helping others accelerate toward achieving it.

Organizations turn to us when they need to know their experts more deeply. And when they want to develop their own capabilities for understanding expertise. Through consulting, training and coaching, we help organizations gain an appreciation for the expertise that glues their operations together.

Take a look at our Publications to get smarter about knowledge elicitation. Then Contact Us today to talk about how we can bring these methods to bear on your challenges with expertise.

Don’t lose it

No organization can defeat Father Time. Experts will retire. Or move on to other opportunities. The loss of expertise creates havoc, diminishes the capacity to innovate, and disrupts the learning pathways of up-and-comers. We know how to mitigate losing it, before it’s too late.

We help organizations consider where they are most vulnerable to knowledge loss and what we can do to protect against it. Our unique-in-the-industry focus on expertise enables them to develop more than just a list of tasks or contacts — we capture and transfer the expertise that ensures sustainability and growth.

Take a look at our Publications to get a sense of our expertise management programs. Then Contact Us today to talk about how we can mitigate your risks of expertise loss.

Bake it in

Complexity demands control — control of our data and our experience. But exerting control often imposes systems that disable expertise. We apply what we know about experts to designing and evaluating systems that enable expertise and learning experiences that create future experts.

We design software interfaces and evaluate current systems and workplaces to find leverage points for introducing revolutionary capabilities. In healthcare, unmanned systems, intelligence analysis – and even the White House Situation Room – our approach to designing for expertise has deployed next-generation systems to critical workplaces.

Take a look at our Publications to get a sense of our design and evaluation work. Then Contact Us today to talk about how we can help you create human-centered systems.

So you think you’re an expert

Mental models tell us how the world works and what to expect from it. Expert mental models offer a richness that empowers their proficiency. Problem is, it’s difficult to know precisely what sorts of mental models people have, let alone whether or how they are changing.

Our revolutionary learning assessment platform, Sero!, is bringing the power of Concept Maps to the challenge of assessing mental models.

For more information about Sero!, visit SeroLearn.com. Or take a look at our Publications to get a sense of the power of Sero!. Then Contact Us today to talk about how Sero! can help your organization know its mental models.

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